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Hi all,

I have been asked by my client to create an accredited course for the theory part of a national unit course.  Practical component would still be delivered face to face.   One of the issues we face is ensuring that the right person is actually taking the course.

What tools are available in Storyline to:

a) verify student identification

b) take photos of students through webcam at intervals through the course.

We do have the option of just making the learning content eLearning, then make them sit the assessment in a classroom environment, but really need to know what our options are.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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Matthew Bibby

Authenticating users is something that is typically handled by an LMS. 

Personally, I think taking random pictures of students via their webcam is creepy and as a student I wouldn't tolerate it. You'll also find that it is not possible to control a users webcam without their consent.

If your client can't trust people to do the right thing or motivate them in other ways (such as by creating high quality engaging eLearning and making it clear to them up front why completing this will benefit them) - then there are bigger issues at play here, which I think they realise.

If it is a legal requirement to say with 100% certainty that a person completed the assessment, then face to face is the answer. They'd want to be checking their identification and making copies of this information (and of course, storing it securely in line with your countries privacy laws). But even then, a student could just get a fake ID... 

Good luck with your project.

Sandy Shailes

Yes it is an ongoing issue for registered training organisations in Australia.  Until recently you could complete your construction white/blue card online, but due to a lot of people with LLN issues having someone else do the course for them, it has been pulled back by the governing body.  (I remember doing my husband's white card online as I was much quicker than him!

I think the whole photo thing would be breaching privacy laws and I certainly wouldn't agree to it.

Yes our LMS would manage closed invitations etc, but there is no guarantee who is sitting on the other end of the computer.

How do other people handle this issue?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandy -- Thanks so much for reaching out and this is an interesting question for sure! Perhaps you might want to take a look at this discussion for some additional ideas, Proctoring & Identity Verification, and you would also be welcome to reach out over in our Building Better Courses forum here for additional insights.