Pick Many but max 4

Nov 05, 2020

I'm trying to build a pick many quiz question in storyline 3 freeform, where you can pick a maximum number of 4 answers out of a possible 16.
I managed to set the question up easy enough with 16 buttons which each have a; "Normal", "Selected" and "Hover" state, but I'm having trouble with making triggers to limit the number of maximum available. 

[NB! I've attached the storyline file]

So far I have made 2 variables called "SelectionCount" and "SelectionRemove" in which I'm trying to keeping track of how many selections are added and how many are removed, and then I have built two triggers; one which adds 1 to SelectionCount if an answerbutton changes state to "Selected", and one which adds 1 to SelectionRemove when an answerbutton changes state to "are not "Selected".

The first of the two triggers works fine, but the second one does not. If you select just one option, and then unselect it again, it adds 2 instead of 1 to the SelectionRemove variable. 

Cant anyone help me fix this?

Regards Christian

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Articulate 10

There are many ways to do this but one simple way would be to add an invisible shape that would cover the items to prevent them from being clicked.  Just add a shape, change the transparency to 100% and then change its state to hidden. Once SelectionCount variable is greater than or equal to 4, change state of the shape to normal.

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