Pick Many Feedback Options

Hi there,

I am currently working on a "pick many" interaction. As you see from the attached picture, I am giving learners the ability to select which statements are true. Once they are selected and the learner hits submit, I would like one feedback layer to show next to each circle the ones they got wrong or the ones they should have clicked, but did not (preferably with just using an "X"). The only way I can figure out doing this is creating a layer for each potential option the learner may click (i.e. a layer that shows if they only click circle 1...a layer that shows if they click circle 1 and circle 3). Is there an easier way to go about this??

Please advise!

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Patti Bryant

Hi Nathan!

One option that may not get you 100% what you'd like, but pretty close, would simply be to highlight the correct answers on the incorrect slide. If the goal is for learners to understand which answers are correct, then this would solve the issue.

I understand this may not be as customized as you'd like. The layer option would be one option, yes. It will be quite a bit more work, as you know.

Also, maybe you'll get other awesome suggestions!

Keepin' the joy,