Pick Many freeform interaction (storyline)

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I'm building a software course and in the assessment, I have a series of hotspot questions, where the user has to identify the areas of the screen to click on to complete a task. One of the screens has two clicks - and I've got round the hotspot limitation of 1 correct answer using the pick many freeform question. But, this interaction doesn't mark the users input in the same way the hotspot interaction does, and I'm concerned that the users won't understand that their input has registered. Any thoughts about how to introduce a hotspot-type marker into the freeform pick many interaction?


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Ron Price

You can add a selected state to your objects. Here is our BLOG article on this - http://www.thearticulatetrainer.com/how-do-i-create-a-hotspot-question-with-more-than-one-right-answer/

 If you are wanting it to animate the selected state you can add an animated GIF to that state. I attached a sample lightbulb.

You can find other samples (some free) here - http://animaticons.co/downloads/essential/

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kate -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! Is this something like what you have in mind? "Articulate Storyline's freeform hotspot question lets you build an interactive assessment with one or more hotspots. It can be graded or ungraded."

You are welcome to share your file here if you would like members of the community to take a closer look and offer other suggestions you can try. :)