Pick Many - Multiple Response - Making the next button appear when any 3 of 5 response are selected ?

Hi !

Much is already in the title.

Context : A "pick many" question, type "Multiple Response". The user must pick 3 of the 5 items. I want the "next" button to appear only when the user picks any of the 5 buttons (not only the right combination).

The variables allow to make the button appear when "all", "none" or "one" object state is "visited", but notre when "some" are. I could make a variable for each possibility, but it means 10 variables... Is there by chance any simpler way ?

Thanks (and sorry if my english is poor) !

PS : I looked for my answer but didn't find it, sorry if the question has already been asked.

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you want. I usea variable to count how hamny rectangles are selected. Only if any three are selected is the Next button enabled. I could have expanded that logic to include the circles and triangles as well. 

Pierre Bonnnemain

Wonderful Michael ! I tried it and it worked perfectly ! I even replaced the "desactivated" state by a new "hidden" state (I'm not using the usual "next" button); the result is that the button appeared only when 3 options where selected.

Well, thanks a lot ! So much yet to discover with Storyline, the beginning of a really nice journey I believe.

And thanks Emily for the welcoming :)