Pick many quiz

Feb 11, 2014

Hi) before all i'm sorry for my english))

I have pick many quiz. For example, in slide are several shapes and my students must choose all correct shapes. If student chooses it right ( for example 6) he gets 6 points and go to next slide. Everithing is clear here for me.

If students doesn't choose it right, for example he chooses only 3, than he gets only 3 points. Every click on right shape gives him 1 point.  How i can do it?

And after that i need to show him where he was wrong and comment. How i can do it too?

Thank you for answer.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Julya,

Currently, Storyline doesn't support the ability to tally individual points on quiz slides, at least not if you're reporting to an LMS. If you simply want to tally the scores for the Learner, you could do so.

So, can you first let the community know whether you need to track for an LMS? If so, you might want to submit a feature request. If not, could you upload your slide so we can take a look and perhaps offer some guidance?

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