'Pick Many' scenario functionality problem

Hi, I am working on a course which contains Multiple True\False scenario in one slide. In general, Storyline can create only one scenario on a slide,thus in order to form a multiple true/false scenario, I converted the slide into a Freeform Pick-Many Quiz.

In this quiz, the user will get two attempts and after the wrong  second attempt, user will be guided to the Correct Answer slide.

But, at the time testing functionality, I'm getting the problems as follows :

When the True/False –buttons were clicked many times, the user is getting "incorrect" feedback, irrespective of the correct attempt.

The question must work properly every time even if the user at first selects wrong options but then corrects his answer.

I am looking for a scenario where after clicking on the true/false button,user should get restricted from further selection.

Is it really possible to create such kind of scenario ? If it does, please help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ananadap,

You'd have to change the buttons to a state of "disabled" - but then they wouldn't be able to change their selection either- so I'm not sure there is a perfect set up for this behavior. Also I'd look at showing the layers based on the state of the buttons versus when the user clicks, as that is likely what is showing the feedback inaccurately.