Pick many with any answers chosen correct?

Feb 26, 2014

Can I set up a Pick Many quiz with two correct answers, and if either is chosen then the person can move on? Meaning, they don't need to have chosen BOTH correct answers?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie,

You can set this up, although it's going to be a bit different than a traditional pick many quiz. What you'll want to do is set up two off stage buttons for correct/incorrect and make those the elements which determine your quiz element. You'll then set up the objects on your slide that the user is able to select and set a trigger to change the state of "correct" to "selected" when the user clicks object A OR object B. The Or condition is the crucial element there. 

If you're having difficulty setting this up in your file, could you share it here with us (or even that one slide) and we can take a look and offer any advice? 

Katie Venit

Thanks Ashley! Your response loosened something in my brain that I should have thought of right off the bat. I don't need this graded, just to provide incorrect/correct feedback. So I set up incorrect and correct layers, and triggered those to show if the right shapes were selected (selecting a shape made it change state). I made sure to use that OR condition. The incorrect slide reset all the states to normal. Seems to work great.

Rebekah Brownson

Hi, this is exactly what I want to happen on several of my Pick Many slides. I am a new user with Storyline 2. I understand the concept of what needs to happen but still have no clue how to excute it. Could you explain a little more please. I have several hotspots on a picture set up and 3 are correct and only need them to choose 1 of the 3 to be correct. Does that make sense?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebekah,

Sure - I did a quick look around the forums to see if I could point you to a sample file, and you may want to begin here or this video (SL1 but same concept). 

If you're still having difficulty setting this up, could you share the particular .story file and we can help advise based on what you've already got set ? 

Rebekah Brownson

I understand the concept of what needs to happen and I have my slides set up like a normal Pick Many Slide with Hotspots (I can change to invisible shapes easily). I don't know what off stage button means or how to get this "select and set a trigger to change the state of "correct" to "selected" when the user clicks object A OR object B. The Or condition is the crucial element there. "

Here is my file. I have 4 Pick Many Slides that need to be like this. But if I am shown how to do it I can do it myself.


Rebekah Brownson


So I haven't used Storyline since the last time I created a quiz about a year ago. I remembered how to do this whole process of creating correct/incorrect buttons with the help of this discussion. But my pick many slide is still not working. 


I have 5 shapes that, 3 are correct and 2 are not. If the user selects of the 1, 2, or 3 of 3 they get it correct. I believe I have it set up correctly but now when I try to "preview" the slide I cannot even click on my shapes. I have my selected states set. I tried doing Pick One and Pick Many free forms. I can only click on the shapes when I have the shapes and an option in the Pick Many choices. But then it always give me an incorrect answer if I do not select all of them. 

Again, I believe everything is set up the same as the example above. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Rebekah

I've rebuilt your slide as a PIck One.

A few things were wrong.  The shapes that you want the user to click have NO FILL - they need to be fill with 100% transparency.  None of the shapes have a selected state which is what you are asking SL to check in the triggers.

I have only changed the Navigation item and it returns Incorrect layer when clicked as expected. I notice you didn't have feedback layers on your Pick Many - not sure if you just want it to advance when they are correct but what happens if they are incorrect.

Update: I have copied the Selected state to all items and they return the correct layer when selected. 

Rebekah Brownson

Hi Wendy, 

OKay I will try it as a Pick One. You are correct, I did have No fill but I will try it with 100% transparency. That is interesting because I do know I set all of the selected states for all 5 of the shapes. When I previewed the slide and nothing was selected I made sure the states were there. 


I am not sure what you mean by you changed the navigation item. And yes I do not want any slide layers of incorrect or correct. I just want them to choose their response, submit it and go onto the next slide. 

Wendy Farmer

HI Rebekah

I meant I just tested with the navigation object (the one you had named navigation - incorrect) but I ended up doing all of them in the file I uploaded.

Also check your trigger order, you were submitting and jumping before you were checking the correct/incorrect button states so SL is not evaluating the interation

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