Pick Many, with score based on selections - no wrong answer

I need to create a question slide where learners will pick three emotions from a list of 22. I want to assign a score to each item, then provide feedback based on whether they mostly selected positive or negative emotions.

It appears I can't assign points to a pick-many question. Is there any way around this? I also tried using a multiple-response slide, but it appears I have to keep all responses in a single column, which won't work for this long of a list of items.

I also tried using a sequence drop-down slide, but am limited to 10 choices.

Any suggestions on a way to do this?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, you should be able to use a Multiple Response slide.  Just click on each option once you have added them on the slide, drag the handles for each option to the left or change their width to make them not extend across the whole object width.  Drag the options you don't want in your left column to a new one.  See attached image.

R. Diane Schmallegger

It appears I can only enter 10 options using multiple response. 

Now I'm thinking maybe I can do a work around on this - each option will have one of three values (0, 1, 2), and they need to select three. Depending on what that adds up to, they'll get one of two feedback texts. Perhaps I could assign values to triggers? I'm new at quizzes, and what I want to do doesn't seem to line up with any of the tutorials I've seen.