Pick many with variable & selected "pick" to show on new layer and slide

Feb 02, 2015


I am after some help on a interaction I am trying to build. I am getting the learner to select 2 of 16 words of what kind of leader they think they are. Once they have selected the e.g positive and fair buttons I would like to display the words in a sentence on a new layer as well as in a sentence at the end of the module. I have started off using variables as a choice which shows the selection on the layer  but my problem is having only 2 choices display at one time..... Hopefully this makes sense I also struggled trying to explain it. I have a SL file of where I am stuck.

Any help would be very appreciated!

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Nikki Berry

Thanks for this! Can I bug you again, I also need the words to be apart of a sentence so I was thinking I will need to have each variable duplicated (2 sets) and sitting the right position (as it depends on which word the user selects) BUT I am stuck on how to hide one set of variables if the word has already been selected and sitting in variable set 1... 

Emily Ruby

Hello Nikki!

I took a look at the file and made some adjustments to the variables. You can achieve this by using 2 variables TextEntry and TextEntry1. (or any names, but those were in the file as unused)

You will need to adjust TextEntry to the button name on condition that TextEntry1 is equal to blank. Then adjust textentry1 to the button name on condition that TextEntry is not equal to blank.

On the feedback page, just place a reference to TextEntry and TextEntry1 in the blank spaces. I have attached the file as a reference. I only added the triggers to Communicative, respectful, clear, and inspiring. 

Also, when you use the built in Selected state, you do not need a trigger for those, so I removed those as well.

Hope this helps!

Nikki Berry

Hi Emily, my next quiz is the same as above but with three entry's.

I so far have:

TextEntry1 to the button name on condition that TextEntry2 is equal to blank. 
Textentry2 to the button name on condition that TextEntry1 is not equal to blank.
Textentry3 to the button name on condition that TextEntry2 is not equal to blank.

However text entry 3 is not working properly, it only populates the first 2 entry's.. Can you pointe right direction of what I am doing wrong :)

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