Pick One (Drag and Drop) with Multiple Correct Answers

Jun 20, 2018


I watched Rebecca's video on how to 'fake' a drag and drop using a Pick One interaction. I'm close (I actually have it working on a different slide that has less options to drag/drop). 

I'm not sure where my issue is. I get an Invalid Answer pop-up even when I plug in a correct answer. 

I've attached the slide in question (Storyline 2 - I copied the slide to a new file and all the formatting changed, sorry!). Possible answers are on the named layer. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mary

When I drop the correct items I get the correct layer, when I drop the incorrect items I get the incorrect layer - I don't see an invalid popup.  Can you share a Peek video of what is happening.

 I've seen user comments that 'but it can sit in two columns' and they get a little confused about how to proceed. Personally I would duplicate the principles that can be in any of the three columns Sit them on top of each other so that when one is removed the next one displays to be dragged. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mary

here is your original file updated with my trigger - see if it works for all your combinations.  In the normal course of using the Pick One with the Correct/Incorrect buttons offstage, the Correct trigger has the AND condition and the Incorrect would have the OR condition.  Because you have so many combinations I find it easier to validate the Correct drops and then the incorrect drops have an overarching trigger that if it's not correct then it's incorrect.

Let me know how you go.

Steve Bradley

I may be experiencing the same issue as Thomas.  I have multiple drag objects and target objects.  Storyline is allowing me to drop multiple drag objects to a single drop target.  I'd like the 'faked' drag and drop to only allow 1 drag target to 1 drop target.  I know this is an easy fix if using a traditional drag and drop but using freeform, not so easy.  Attached is a screen shot.

Janet Han

Hi Alyssa,

I know this is an older thread, but I think I'm experiencing the same issue as Steve and Thomas.

In my attached example, there are four possible options that can be dragged into only 3 areas, so only 3 options are correct. It doesn't matter which drop area the correct answers are placed in.

This is why I have switched from a regular drag and drop interaction to a pick one freeform interaction. It was necessary to allow multiple correct drop targets for my drag objects.

Using an example on ELH, I was able to create most of my interaction with triggers, however there is one issue. The learner can drag more than one object onto a single drop target, and it doesn't push out the other dragged object. 

In this way, the learner is able to drag all answers onto any of the drop targets and receive the "correct" feedback.

I am looking for the functionality that the built in drag-and-drop interaction has, which is only allowing 1 drag item per target.

Any insight or other workarounds for this issue would be appreciated!

Peter Moore

A long time ago I know - but has anyone figured out how to do this?

Quoting Shawna

"I am looking for the functionality that the built in drag-and-drop interaction has, which is only allowing 1 drag item per target."

This is an 'issue' when not using the built in drag n drop interaction ...as explained by Shawna.


Walt Hamilton
Peter Moore

Thank you Walt.  You have certainly put some considerable effort into creating this piece of work.  It's given me several 'angles' to explore with what I'm trying to build.

I see there's an interesting animation 'jiggle' using motion paths which somehow auto-creates a new draggable item.   Weird but very helpful :-)

Best wishes



Walt Hamilton


Thanks for your kind words.

That particular sleight-of-hand you mention doesn't actually create a new draggable item. It re-uses the first item, replacing it in the drop spot with an identical duplicate. That gives the appearance of it staying in the drop spot while a new one is created.

If you have any questions about how something works, just ask.