pick one freeform with multiple choice

Dec 15, 2012

hi all

im having trouble creating a freeform pick one quiz that allows for more than one correct answer in the choices, and/or type of thing..

not like a mutiple pick where more than one answer is required, something inbetween?

the options are images to be clicked on

is this poss?

many thanks


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David Anderson

Hey Pete -

Do you have a sample slide or storyboard of what you're going for? How did you want to provide feedback? 

IF you select the Pick Many and disable Feedback and Scoring, you'll remove the option for selecting a "correct" answer. You could then use triggers to evaluate which objects were picked and provide feedback based on selected states.

David Anderson

Hi Pete - I think the question could be re-written. Currently, it's asking for two different things:  a specific role (job owner) and one of two possible job roles (Authority). As it's written, it implies that of the five choices, there's only one correct combination when there are actually two correct combinations.

Simple re-write that would work with Pick Many: Select the people who are eligible to complete Section 1.

You could also ask the learner to identify the roles that are eligible to work with the Job Owner to complete Section 1.