Pick One - Invalid Answer error

I set up a "Pick One" using several images grouped with separate text boxes, & set it to infinite attempts.  When I preview the slide and select any answer then submit, I get the error message "Invalid answer. You must complete the question before submitting."

Help? I don't know why this happens - aren't you supposed to select one of the items and press submit to complete the question?

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Tim Shelton

First off I wouldnt group the objects I would add the text into the states of the image object. Next make sure each answer is defined in the answer dialogue and make sure the red outline is showing the objects you want to be the answers. Select a correct answer and any other feedback options. Having done this the objects should work you can try adding or removing them from Button Set on right click also as this can cause issues on some mulitple choice templates.

Kim  Miller

Hi Emily, Michael, and Tim,   Thanks for your suggestions. Here's the file. Tim, why can't grouping work? And I don't know how I would add the text into the states of the image object.... I guess I haven't learned about states yet. I just wanted to have a picture with some words below it that users could select anywhere in the picture or words.

Thanks all, for your help.

Tim Shelton

Grouping objects can be a bit messy and doesnt really add any functionality
to the group. If you select the object enter edit states and paste your
text into it you have a combined object which can have multiple states.
These states can be called to have things appear disappear act like buttons
etc. I recommend learning about states its the most important interactive
element especially when combines with layers.