Pick One Quiz Questions...Want to Select Only One Answer and Have the Ability to Change Answer before Submitting

Hi there!  I am new to Storyline 2, and I'm loving all of the great tips on these boards.  I have a problem that I haven't been able to find a solution for on the boards. 

I'm using a game template with pick one questions built into it. When I preview it, Storyline 2 allows me to select multiple answers (not just one at a time), so I get the question wrong if I try to change my answer before hitting Submit.  Is there a way to force the last answer selected to be the only answer? 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Peggy

welcome to the forum!  The Pick One should be set up as a button set which means that however many options are available for clicking only one can be selected at any time, and will be deselected if another is selected.

Select the options > Right click and select button set.

Here is a tutorial to help you

If you still need help you can upload your .story file - that's the easiest way for someone to take a look at your setup and offer suggestions.  Just use the 'Add attachment' button at the bottom of the post.