Pick One Results Variables Not Unique

I have a SL2 story with several scored scenarios, each one having two or three steps, with two or three options to choose from.   The steps are all "Pick One" slides. Each scenario has its own Results slide. I also have a short, 3-question multiple choice quiz with its own Results slide.

Everything was working fine until I added a fifth "Pick One" scenario with three steps.  When I made the new Pick One interaction, SL re-used an existing variable, %Results.ScorePoints% instead of generating new results variables, so the Results page isn't working for Scenario 5. I was expecting to see "%Results6.ScorePoints%" not a variable already in use.  

Is there a limit to how many Pick One interactions a SL2 story can handle?

I tried using a Hot Spot interaction to see if that would work better, but it didn't.

Why can't I edit the name of the Pick One results variables so I can be sure they are unique?

I would prefer not to have to build all the triggers to add the result points for the final 3-step scenario if there is a way to fix this.

Thanks for your help.



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Kate Petersen

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.

The suggestion of creating a new results slide for the last scenario did not fix the problem.

Instead, as Wendy suggested, I imported the four original scenarios into a new SL2 file.   The duplicate variables were identified and resolved during the import process. I then rebuilt the 5th scenario with its 3 pick-one interactions from scratch, along with a new results page, which used a new variable. 

I wish the links to the feedback masters persisted when slides are imported. It is annoying to have to re-apply all of them. But at least the scoring was fixed for all the scenarios.

Thanks again for your help,