Pick one simulation quiz with multiple attempts

Dec 11, 2020

Hello! I am building out a simulation quiz with pick one quiz feature. Learners have three attempts to select the hot spot placed over a screenshot of the product UI. The submission is done on click. Once they have made three attempts. The "Incorrect Answer" layer will pop up and prompt them to continue.

This seems to be working smoothly, but occasionally, the "Incorrect Answer" layer seems to pop up only after one or two attempts, or the screen itself appears to freeze and not register a learner's clicks. 

Are there ways to troubleshoot or improve the issue? I have not been able to recreate it on the same slides, but do notice it happening 1-3 times per course. There are many screens throughout the simulations, but the .Story file itself is about 14 MB.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diana,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing.

The inconsistency is always super hard to troubleshoot, but if you'd like us to take a look to see if we're able to replicate the behavior or track down the possible cause, we'd be glad to help.

With your permission, please share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.