Pick one Slide view is not showing radio buttons

Jan 05, 2016

Hi I am trying to put together a pretest and I need the learner to be able to select an answer. I have marked the correct answer in form view but the radio buttons are not showing up in the slide view or preview. Has anyone else run into this? Does anyone know how to fix it? 

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Preston Ruddell

Hello Sabine!

The freeform "Pick One" question works a bit differently from a graded "multiple choice" question.  The multiple choice option will give you radio buttons that the learner can select.  The "pick one" option will turn any selected objects on your slide into possible answers.  In the case of your attachment - it's the 4 text boxes.  You could turn buttons, pictures, or any other object on your slide into an answer.  With "pick one" questions, you just click on the object you wish to select. 

There are two alternatives in this case that would give you radio buttons based on the above screenshot:

  1. Create a separate multiple choice question and include the above information in it (you can reposition things as needed)
  2. Create your own check box using shapes and states that the learner can click on.

Hope this helps!

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