Picking an Avatar

Mar 14, 2013

Has anyone created a course where the student can pick their own avatar or character?  I was thinking of making two different scenes with the same content but different characters and have the student pick a character in the beginning and have it trigger to the correct scene.  Just wondering if there would be an easier way...maybe using a variable?

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Phil Mayor

I built a course where the user built their avatar (hair colour, skin colour, clothes, body type etc) t involoved a  lot of states.

For yours which is much easier if you want two characters, have a slide where they choose the avatar and set a T/F variable.dependent on which character

For your character you need to create two states Normal is one character and a custom state is the other character, then on every slide you have the avatar set a trigger on timeline start to change state to custom state if variable ===> to value you chose for character 2

Wessel van Heerden

Good day. I have to create a interactive elearning for children between 9 and 12. One of the requests is that the children must be able to choose the character, clothes and hair colour of the characters. Is there a way that it can be done in articulate, or what is a good way around. I would really love some feedback.

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