Picture Border Issue in Storyline2

Greetings All:

I am a relatively new user of Storyline 2, and I have come upon an odd issue. I have a project in which I am consistently using borders around graphics of people. Most of the time these borders look fine, but occasionally they do not display correctly when previewed, thought they look fine in when viewed in the work area. The settings of the graphics with the borders that look fine seem to be exactly the same as those that do not. Any ideas why, or how to prevent this? 

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Dave Smith

We are having the same issue. We are working with courses that were originally published with Articulate Presenter 360. These courses contain many images with a border. The Presenter courses did not have any issue with image borders. We imported the Presenter 360 source files (e.g., PPT, Presenter & Quizmaker) for the courses into Storyline 360. All of the regular slides are displaying the images with the border offset about 2-3 mm. However, all of the images that were imported from Quizmaker are just fine. This is happening in every course.
Have you make any progress on this issue?? Thanks!

Dafne Carrasco


I still encounter this issue at random times for different files. I wanted to share this so other users are aware. If anyone has a quick fix, I'd really appreciate it. As a designer with tight timelines, it's really frustrating, but since course development is only part of my role, I can learn to ignore it.

Our organization hopes to move to the latest version of Storyline in the future once we get more funding. After 10 months of using SL2, it's just not consistently reliable for us. With that being said, I'm excited for the latest version :)


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dafne,

Thanks for sharing that here. When you're ready to move to Articulate 360 our team is here to help - reach out to the Sales team to get started.

I don't see a similar issue with picture borders in Storyline 360, but it sounds like David ran into something with Presenter 360. I don't see that he started a case, but if you wanted us to test out your file we're happy to. We can also upgrade it for you to make sure that things are working in the latest version before you upgrade.

If you run into any other snags, let us know!