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Apr 30, 2014


If I have a hi-rez image, can I just insert that into my Storyline project and have the software sort out the file size?

Or should I / need I optimize the image first?

With websites, you always optimize your photos in PhotoShop (etc) before adding to a web page.

Do I need to do this in Storyline to optimize Story load times?

Can I just insert a 7 MB image and let Storyline sort it out?

or should I reduce the size of the image before inserting into storyline?



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Bruce McCaughan

Thanks Simon,

I agree.

To clarify the point of my question...

If you add an image to a web site that is 7MB (for example) and 2000 px wide but set the width to 200 px, then it looks small but you are still downloading a 7 MB pig of an image.

So you would never do that.

But if Storyline just gets its file size from the final display/rendering, then I want to know if I am wasting my time in optimizing before inserting.

So if I receive a hi-rez image (i.e 7 MB), will that cause the final file size of my project to be larger than if I resized my 7MB pig first.

I hope what I am asking makes sense.

Indeed, 7MB in itself adds nothing to the course



Steve Flowers

Hey Bruce, 

Storyline is pretty smart about image instance management and will export the image at the largest size used. So, for example:

On slide 1, you use an 5MB source image and size it to 320x200. The result could be a 25K image on publish. The 5MB source image remains in the source.

You copy and paste the same image from slide 1 to slide 5 and rescale it up to 1024x768. The result could be a 50K image on publish. In this case, the same image is used for the slide on slide 1 and slide 5. So only a single 50K image is exported. If you were to re-import the image or drag it in from an external folder, a new instance of the image would be created in Storyline and two images would be exported.

Another trick is super-scaling a very large image. You can scale an image to a the native size off stage if you always want to retain that resolution for some reason. For example, if you wanted to zoom in on an image and have the result be crisp. This way, when you copy and paste then rescale the super-scaled image, it'll retain all of the pixels in the copy.

Kristine Cariello

I am having an issue with a photo that keeps shrinking when clicked on.  I have tried so many things. Other photos seem to do the samething when placed in the same position- so I thought it might be the slide acting weird.  Then finally found a photo that behaves as the other two photos on either side of it.  Not sure why this is happening, I even tried a variety of cropping, that Riot program mentioned above....nada.... highly frustrating.  Any thoughts?

I have attached the file with the slide in question. I appreciate it!

Kristine Cariello

ugh...the funny thing is it changed itself as I had it set. I love storyline, but sometimes there are some weird glitches.  I was typing the other day and the letter "t" wouldn't work properly.  I wonder if it is the template I am using?

Anyhow thank you so much for your help with this. I can now be sure to check this on each module I am building.

What a great resource this community is!

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