Picture zoom function

Sep 05, 2014

I want my users to be able to expand a minimised image with a "mouse over" action. Is there a way to do this?

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Antony Snow

Joanna Kurpiewska said:

Hi Andrew

add an extra state to your image naming it e.g. zoom and insert a big version of the image.Then add a trigger to it:

- change state

- on image object

- to state zoom

- when mouse hovered over

- image object

Or add the built-in 'Hover' state to your original image and add the larger version of it to that state. As it is a built-in state, SL will automatically apply the hover state without the need for adding triggers

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Since I created an example several months back for someone with a similar question, thought I might as well upload it here. Directions are in the notes section of the .story file. I have the images fading in on zoom so it looks more "natural." Uses the Hover state as Antony has notes.

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