Pictures in States

Mar 03, 2015

I want a picture (not a shape) with text on it in four states: original picture with original text, original picture with roll over text, visited picture with original text, and visited picture with rollover text.

I know that the built-in states of visited and hover won't work in part because they visit other multi-slide scenarios, and built-in hover and built-in visited can't both function at the same time. I have set up the scripts and triggers, grouped the picture and text, make four stages, and everything works as it should. The problem is that while the correct text shows up, the picture doesn't show with it. Any idea why?

I can solve the problem several ways. I can put the text on the picture in a graphic editor, but that is clumsy. I want to keep these picture for other modules, and want to just edit the text in SL without having to edit the picture.

I can make 8 objects instead of 4 and expand the script to change the state of all 8. But what I want to know is how does the picture disappear? I make the picture the object, then edit the state to add the text box. Whether I group them or not, the text acts correctly, but when changing from state to state, the picture disappears.

Any ideas?

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