Pictures not shown on Layer

Dear Storyliner,

I have the layer "Solution" that contains several images. 

The layer will be shown when hitting the button "Lösung zeigen" in the upper right slide menu.

Unfortunately not all pictures are shown on the layer, when the layer is shown. Some pictures like picture "32 1" or "31 1" and a few more are not visible.

Funny thing is after deleting the picture "Problempicture" on the basis layer then all objects on the layer "Solution" are shown.

I don´t know why. Do you have a clue? Please find attached the storyline-file.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for sharing your file here with us! I took a look, and I ran into some trouble with your file and it was acting slow and odd. That behavior in addition to what you're sharing about removing that one image leads me to think there may be some element of corruption within the .story file. 

Can you confirm that the .story file has been worked on and saved locally and that the images you're including are also local? Working from a network/shared drive is known to cause odd behavior ultimately leading to corruption. 

I'd look at rebuilding that slide with the image to see if it's truly something within that image/slide. 

Let us know if you need more help! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thorsten,

Although Dropbox can be installed locally it still acts as a network drive for the purposes of syncing files and documents. I'd start by downloading the files from Dropbox to your desktop/C: drive and then adding them into Storyline. You could also try importing your existing file into a new file to resolve any of the latency/corruption issues. Follow the steps outlined here. 

Let me know if you need anything else!