Pixel registration of vector and bitmap drawings

Jun 29, 2017


I don't seem to find the answer to this: How do I align vector drawings or bitmaps precisely (pixels for pixels). For instance to build an anatomical image I would like that components that form the final image are exactly placed. How do I do that ?

Another question: How to I align pictures on different layers so they exactly match position (to avoid "shifting" when changing layers). I can select several layers, and get a semi "onion-skinning" but i cannot seem to be able to select pictures on several layer to Align them.


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Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Richard this is an excellent idea :)

How should I do to align the image 2,3 and 4 so that the resulting image is like Fetalventricles.jpg. 

I start with Fetalventricles4 and need to progressively combine the image 3 and 2 to result in the final image. In this case i made it easy by having exact same pixels size and a simple align would work, but when they are not, what is the process ?

Can you import those as "states" so that hovering and clicking over an image uses various images as states ?

Thanks again !

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