Place a Web Object in a Scroll Panel?


I'm trying to insert a web object into a scroll panel and it does not display. The web object does display just fine outside of the scroll panel. Is this possible?

Alternatively, I was using the web object to display text. This text needed a scroller so I wrote that into the css and it worked great in the story.html version on a standard web browser (Chrome). But when I view the mobile version through the Articulate app, or just call the story_html5.html file, the scroller breaks. The text is still visible but unscrollable.

Is there a way to get that web object to scroll using the mobile css?



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Steve Veloff

I know this is an old thread, but this issue persists. I have found something very interesting though. A web object does NOT show it's content when put into a Scroll Panel. The exact same web object copied to a new slide that is not inside a scroll panel shows up fine.

Here's the kicker... If I have Flash Player installed in my browser, does not work inside scroll panel. If I disable the Flash Player (same browser), is does work inside a scroll panel!Flash Player enabled

NO Flash Player

Matthew Bibby

I know that this is an old thread... but wondering if there have been any updates to this issue?

I have a course that contains multiple web objects in a scroll panel. 

When publishing to HTML5, everything works as expected. But when testing in Flash (using IE11) the web objects that are initially in the hidden part of the scroll panel never load.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

It looks like this one has been around for a while... 😕

I can see we do have a bug filed for it in Storyline 360 and Storyline 2, and it's specific to the Flash output using a scrolling panel. Are your learners restricted to using IE11 with Flash? If they're viewing Storyline 3/360 output it should work fine in the HTML5 output.

Since Flash is on it's way out, I can see how this issue hasn't been a priority. I'll let the team know it's still something you're struggling with to see if we can get confirmation around any potential fixes. 

Matthew Bibby

Hi Ashley,

Yes, many of these learners do need to use IE11 with Flash, as unfortunately not all environments allow people to have alternative browsers installed. Flash is still a requirement as despite out best efforts, some learners may be running IE in compatibility mode (i.e. so they are really using IE9 which doesn't support the HTML5 output). 

While I appreciate that Flash is on the way out, the end of life date is Dec 31 2020, so there is still more than two years where some people may still be relying on this output. While I'd personally love to see everyone move away from Flash before then, unfortunately that isn't always a decision that I can control.

It's also frustrating as there are some issues with IE11's HTML5 output (e.g. the large amount of extra padding being added to the bottom of scroll panels) where Articulate recommends that people use the Flash output if they need to use IE. Then other issues like this where the recommendation is to use the HTML5 output instead! I appreciate that the scroll panel issue is due to Microsoft, but I think we all know that they are unlikely to change the way IE11 renders HTML5 at this stage of the browsers life cycle.

The other frustrating thing is that as SL360 matures, I'm noticing increasing differences in how the HTML5 and Flash output behave. There are more and more unexpected differences that are cropping up, which is dramatically increasing the time it takes to build and test new projects. This was very rarely an issue in SL2 (where the behaviour of Flash/HTML5 was mostly consistent once you understood the main HTML5 limitations) but in SL360 there are often unexplained differences in ways that we never used to see. For example, I just rebuilt about 20 slides as the animation timing was behaving differently in Flash compared to HTML5 (and as I was pausing the timeline after an entrance animation and before an exit animation, this resulted in objects being out of position on certain slides).

Anyway, thanks for passing this onto the team. I appreciate it.