Place of the cursor while trying to edit the content of a text

Mar 06, 2014


I have experienced a frustrating problem in Storyline.  Here are more details :

I've created a PowerPoint slide and imported it into Storyline.

I want to edit the content of a text area.  To proceed I place the cursor at the exact place in the word/sentence in order to correct it.

The problem is that the place of the cursor doesn't correspond with the zone which is going to be edited.

Example : let's imagine that I want to edit the sentence hereunder and correct the mistake ('W' in place of 'X').


I would normally place the cursor between the letter 'E' and the letter 'X'.  I would delete the 'X' and replace it by the letter 'W'.  By doing that I will delete the content of the word 'HELLO'.  There is always a kind of difference between what I see and the physical location of the cursor on the screen.  ...  For deleting the letter 'X' I have to place my cursor, for instance, in the middle of the word "STORYLINE" and have to try to find the right place by trial/error.

Would anybody have an idea on how to fix that ?

Thank you very much.


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