Placement of logo in player

Can I place a logo on the player other than in the menu panel on the side? I see solutions suggesting putting it on the master slide and editing the colors of the player to make it appear to be on the player. But we've got no menu and are using videos and need every bit of screen space for the videos.

Any way to actually place the logo on the player in the bottom right corner?

And we're working in SL2.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carrie,

Great question. Using Storyline's built-in player, there isn't another option for where to place the logo. There may be folks in the ELH community who have created their own custom player or at least on slide setups that they could share with you! 

Do you have other player features included, such as navigation? You could also look at adding those to the slides itself and use the idea you mentioned of then adding the logo to the slide master.

Carrie Eaton

I see some good options putting things on the slides so they look like they're on the player, but all of them still take up space on the slide, and these software simulations need every pixel we can give them to make them as readable as possible.

They want this to look like a demo of a live system, so the goal was a totally clean screen. They single click on video to pause it and dbl-click to re-start and also there a hidden menu that comes up when they swipe their cursor to the bottom of the screen where they can move to other parts of the presentation.

The exception to the clean screen is that they have key points that will appear on the screen in a text box in the lower right corner, so I've suggested widening that enough to include a small logo at the left of the text so we'll see if that's acceptable to the branding folks?!

Thanks for your help!