Play Audio after all markers completed

Jan 26, 2021


I am new in Articulate storyline and need your help. I have few markers with audio. Once the user clicked all the markers, I want articulate to play the next audio. I tried putting trigger, if all markers change state to selected, play audio 2. However, before the last marker could complete the audio, the audio 2 starts to play. What should I do to make sure the audio 2 only play after the audio in each marker completed? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Melor!

I'm happy to help! Instead of using True/False variables, I'd recommend using number variables. This will help track the number of times a learner has clicked on the marker and make sure the audio plays when the marker text is hidden. Here's a quick video explaining how to create this in Storyline 360. Link