Play button in the timeline not working

I want to preview my slide "inside the timeline" so I can pause and move elements as necessary - just like I always do.

For some reason, today, the play button inside the timeline stopped working. After clicking the play button it looks like something is loading for few seconds, but nothing happens.

Anyone knows what's wrong?

The program is updated, and I have the same problem on different computers.

Thank you!

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Zdravko Gunjevic

Hi all,

I see this issues has popped up on a few threads. I'm having this same issue but I don't see any way to resolve it. (I've also posted on

This is what I've done so far:

1 - file was originally created with SL1, now upgraded to SL360.

2 - one thread said to make sure Flash was updated. Just did that (on version now) --> didn't fix the issue of the play button not working.

3 - Imported my story file into a new one, as Leslie mentions here --> didn't fix the issue of the play button not working.

Is there another way that I can cue up my slide elements? Need help!



Nina Sletten


I cannot use the play button on the timeline. Not by duplicating, not by moving the play "pointer" a few seconds in, on the timeline. I cannot use the preview function either. I can play the very first slide, but thats it.
The file is copied from another language version and converted to new. My only thought is that the coying process corrupts the file. My colleague has the same issues with the file when opening it.
Others with similar SL 360 problems?