Play button on otherwise invisible player

Jul 18, 2018

I did not have this problem earlier... but now when I export with an invisible player (for use on a web page as interactive marketing) I am getting a play button as the first thing people see on my finished piece. So I am missing some setting that would remove that. But I don't know which setting at this point. 

Thanks for any info on this. 

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Tracy Parish

I don't believe there is any setting that allows you to remove this.  There are some other threads in the forum to use javascript to remove this, however, I think it is there to "ensure the user wants the content to launch" within their browser window.  More of a fallback to ensure content being launched in a web browser isn't malicious.

The Staff should be able to explain/elaborate further.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Orson! 

You nailed it - having audio or video on the first slide will make that play button appear.

I've seen some folks work around this by creating an introductory slide before the first slide with audio and video. On the intro slide, you can add a simple button that says, "Begin Course". With that extra slide added to the beginning, you won't see the Play button appear in Chrome. 

I hope that helps you!

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