Play button on start up

I just published a course today and noticed that when the course first opens in my LMS and after I publish it, when clicking on the View Project button, there is now a big play button that needs to be clicked on prior to the course opening.  This wasn't previously there.  Is there a way to remove this and have the file just open like it used to?

I thought I did something wrong and decided to check.  I had a previous version of the course in my LMS and it didn't have the play button.  I republished the same file and now there is the play button.  I'm publishing as SCORM 1.2.




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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Clint. Happy to help!

To start, could you tell me about the first slide – does it have a video or audio on it? Also, what browser(s) are you using to view the course?

A few browsers began blocking the autoplay of media files, so if there's a video or audio on the first slide, a gray Play button like the one you're seeing may appear. More information on that here!