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Jun 05, 2012

I am trying to attach a sound to a button in Storyline. Basically adding a button click sound to a button once it's pushed. I have applied a trigger to move to a new slide and then added a "play media" trigger to the same button, it will not play the sound once published. In preview it plays the sound. Any thoughts? 

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Bruce Graham

Hi Sunday.

I think this is because once the move to new slide happens via the Trigger, that's it for the "actions".

You could add a new "Play media xxx when timeline starts" Trigger to the second slide, and see if that works instead.

The order of triggers is very important, and I think that's what is happening here.


Sunday Coulter

Hmm tried switching the order, didn't work (good idea). I cannot put it at the end of the timeline as I want the user to select an answer, like yes, No, I Don't Know. I am simply trying to add a sound to an action on a button. When you click you here a click, seems so basic. I am a bit frustrated with the limitations of Storyline at the moment!

Bruce Graham

Thanks Annie - that sequence seems to do the job.

Sunday - often it's just working out the combination of SL features to use.

It has very few "limitations", however, it does have a few things such as trigger sequences and combinations that require a little experimentation to get correct.

The more you work with it the easier it becomes.

Good luck.


Sunday Coulter

Ah Ok I will try that thanks! Bruce, there are a lot of limitations I have run into on my little demo project, mostly around animation features 9or lack there of). I like the product just think it needs more work! For instance the trigger order, where oh where does it tell you these things? it's frustrating, and a time suck!

Bruce Graham

No worries Sunday

(Thanks Annie!)

The animations in SL are currently limited, but that will hopefully change in upcoming releases and versions.

I think it's important to remember that this product has made some significant advances in eLearning authoring, and I guess some of the features that come as standard in PowerPoint got moved to accomodate the significant features such as Triggers, Conditions, Variables and States.

Some of the Trigger stuuff just comes from using the product, and using th Forums - there's too much to go into any one manual or book. A lot of the subtle ways you can use the product come from experimeentation, and also from people who are more used to programming/syntax than many usual eLearning producers (certainly me anyway!).

There are some subtle issues, for example, about when to use States vs. Variables, and even when to use a Custom state vs. the "Visited State".

Hope you are feeling a little less frustrated - there's normally always a way to do it in SL   :D


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