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Apr 29, 2014


A hair puller outer!!!

I've got 10 slides.  The first slide has one layer.  Each slide has two audio files inserted; a subtle clicking sound when mouse hovers over and a deliberate louder, distinct clicking sound when the user clicks.  There is a play media trigger for the mouse over hover sound and a play media trigger for the when user clicks click sound.  On slide one, when the user hovers and clicks, the sound and the triggers work great.  On the layer for that slide, only the hover sound plays when hovered, the clicking sound does not.  On slide 2 - 10, the exact same thing is happening.  The hover over slight click plays when hovered, but the when user clicks sound does not.  The order on all slides 1 -10 of the play media trigger is the same; hover, then click.  I've reversed the order and the same thing occurs.  I've copied the audio files three times, renamed them respectively, and inserted them onto the slides and the same thing happens.

Does anyone have any other experiences with this happening?


Thanks in advance.  I truly appreciate it!


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Steve McAneney

Hi Lisa.

I like your avatar!

Its a bit hard to  visualize what you have and what you want to achieve without seeing an example of the story file, but perhaps the cause of your issue is that you need another trigger to reset the state of the object you are clicking to 'normal'?

If possible, can you upload an excerpt of your story file so we can see what's happening?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

So it sounds like slide 1 works as expected, slide 1's layer doesn't work at all, and slides 2-10 work partially? I think as Steve mentioned we'll need to take a look at this and if there are any other triggers/states interfering with the media set up. You can attach your course here (or even a sample with the same behavior) using the small paperclip icon.


Lisa Anderson

Yes, sorry...was having uploading issues.  Trying again. Thanks for following up, Ashley!

Thanks All,

I have attached two files.

Play Media Trigger Issue is a sample from the original project;6 slides of 15.

Play Media Trigger Issue 2 is a sample without all thegraphics...simple rectangle and audio files.

In each, the hover triggers only work.  I did provide adifferent audio click in sample 2, just in case it was a bad audio file. Still...not working.

Thank you.  There are three of us on my team who can'tfigure it out either.  I have fingers crossed you can!


Lisa Anderson


I've checked the suggestions mentioned above.

Hassan's suggestion...this option was "not" checked.  So..all okay there.

Steve's suggestion:  There wasn't a change state trigger; only a play media trigger.  When hovered over, the hover sound plays fine.  When clicked, the clicked sound does not.

And, on sample 2, the click sound does play, when closing the lightbox, using the "x", but only every other time it's opened, then closed.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

I downloaded your first file. The reason we're not hearing the click is because it's so fast that it jumps to the next slide before the click sound plays. When we hear it playing on the first slide, it's actually NOT playing until the layer opens.

So, based on that, I've made a modification on slide 1.2.

I added a layer (named it click obviously doesn't matter).

On the Base Layer, I changed the "jump to next slide" trigger on the Map1 Object to, instead, Show ClickLayer when user clicks.

On the Click layer, I placed a rectangle offstage at .5 seconds.

I added a trigger to jump to slide 1.3 when the timeline starts for that rectangle.

That give the sound enough time to play (you can perhaps adjust the timing down). We hear the click, and then slide 1.3 appears.

Not sure if that's also the issue with your second story. But shout out and let us know.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Rebecca,

Truly...thank you for taking the time to figure out this fix.  Yes, it does work.  Here's the rub, though, that I've figured out.  Given this solution, each Map object would require its own layer with its own respective rectangle.  And, that works; it just means building 10 layers.  However, wouldn't that mean that any object throughout the story using the hover and click trigger, would require its own layer too; the acknowledgment buttons, the lightboxes, and any buttons offering a hover and click media sound?

What are  your thoughts as to why the hover sound and click sound triggers work on slide 1.1 and its layer (that do not have the rectangle solution you recommend)?

I've replace the click sound with many others files of different sounds (and not all of the "clicking" sounds...some a car horn or a door closing) and I get the same result.  Additionally, I have removed the click sound trigger and replace the "when user clicks" to play the hover sound...and clicking.  I tried this because we know the hover sound works, when hovered, thinking the "click sound" file was too fast.



Lisa Anderson's a thing I did...but I don't want to get too ahead of what I think might be the work around.

I removed the trigger to "play media" when user clicks on click sound and left the hover trigger.  Then, I added a slide trigger to every slide to "play media" when timeline starts.  While, that seems to be working on the smaller file I uploaded, I have yet to apply it to the my entire project, until I share that and see what you all have to say about that.

Still...somehow, this just doesn't seem to be how the spirit of using play media triggers should be working. Just my sense.

What do you all think about this approach?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

EPIPHANY: this kept bubbling up in my brain yesterday, but not quite surfacing. So thank you for responding after in the a.m. when my brain is less fuzzy

Your 3 triggers can be:

Play media Hoversound on hover

Play media Click sound on click

Jump to file (X) when media clicksound completes

I've done this on the 2 ? buttons for your slide 1.2 in attached.

Aslo: re your Q: "What are  your thoughts as to why the hover sound and click sound triggers work on slide 1.1 and its layer (that do not have the rectangle solution you recommend)?"

I believe the click sound for the Continue button on the base layer IS working, but not until the Introduction layer shows. So, that's why it's working...because there's a layer that appears, thus giving us time to hear it. In fact, I arrived at my "solution" after studying your .story and observing 2 things:

  1. I could hear the click sound on this slide, but close observation showed me it wasn't until the intro layer appeared
  2. You'd noted that for the other slides, you could hear the click IF you played them individually, but not if you played the whole file. That clued me in that the click sound was working, but didn't have time to play.
Lisa Anderson

Hello Rebecca and Ashley,

Thank  you so much for your input and thoughts regarding this puzzle. 

Rebecca, I like your solution and tried it throughout the rest of my project, then published.  Intermittently I still had some difficulty with the sound playing.

So...I just added a trigger for the click sound to play when timeline starts on each slide and it works perfectly all the time. 

Somewhere there is something quirky lingering within SL, because I'm having the same issue with a different project, not utilizing a "sound click"; using something different.

Oh well...I so appreciate your time and attention and assistance. 

Until  next quirky thing appears....Cheers!!!!


Cheryl Hoover

I'm having something similar happening. I have the play media trigger first followed by a jump to slide when user clicks the object. It's pretty simple - no layers, just a series of slides. If I preview the slide, the media sound (a short click) plays when I click the button. But when I preview the entire scene, none of them work.

Has anything new developed regarding this issue?

Thanks much, Cheryl

Cheryl Hoover

There are several images/objects. Each one was set up with a "play media" trigger when the user clicks the object. The media is just a short click sound. The next trigger was jump to slide X when the user clicks the object. I find it interesting that it does work when previewing each slide individually. Once I got closer to done, I previewed the whole scene. It doesn't work when previewing the whole scene.

Thanks for considering this. I did send the file on to support. I wish I could post files here but I'd have to strip them down pretty significantly.

Walt Hamilton


Just connect the trigger to the media. You would only need variables if there are several options that trigger the sound, or if the sound plays prior to jumping to several different options. If the sound plays once, or jumps to the same slide each time it plays, there should be no need of variables.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

I see that Robert took a look at your file and shared the following:

I understand that you are not hearing the click audio sound that you inserted in the Next button when viewing the whole scene of your project yet it works in individual slide. 

Trigger execution is really quick. There is going to be no enough time to hear the audio you set compared with viewing a single slide as there is no other slide to jump to and you will still hear the sound. 

As an alternate solution, you may add your click audio in a layer, just show the layer and let the layer execute the jump to another slide when the audio has been played. You may use the event when the layer timeline ends or reaches a particular point. I attached a sample of my suggestion.

Hope that Robert's sample helps - or as Walt mentioned you could execute the jump to next slide based on the media event completing (sounds like you'd need a different media element for each click though if they're all on the same slide)? 

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