play media trigger working intermittenly

Apr 29, 2014


A hair puller outer!!!

I've got 10 slides.  The first slide has one layer.  Each slide has two audio files inserted; a subtle clicking sound when mouse hovers over and a deliberate louder, distinct clicking sound when the user clicks.  There is a play media trigger for the mouse over hover sound and a play media trigger for the when user clicks click sound.  On slide one, when the user hovers and clicks, the sound and the triggers work great.  On the layer for that slide, only the hover sound plays when hovered, the clicking sound does not.  On slide 2 - 10, the exact same thing is happening.  The hover over slight click plays when hovered, but the when user clicks sound does not.  The order on all slides 1 -10 of the play media trigger is the same; hover, then click.  I've reversed the order and the same thing occurs.  I've copied the audio files three times, renamed them respectively, and inserted them onto the slides and the same thing happens.

Does anyone have any other experiences with this happening?


Thanks in advance.  I truly appreciate it!


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Cheryl Hoover

Thanks, Ashley. I was going to post his suggestion when I could find a second. Thanks! I'll probably go with doing the click in a layer. I have so little focused time to be able to create courses, but I think it wouldn't take long once I got started.

Walt, thank you so much for sharing your idea. I'm going to try both of these when I get a minute.

I know I'm not alone in this. I really appreciate this forum and the availability of technical staff to send a file to for review. Thanks again!


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