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Nov 19, 2014

Hello lovely people.

Have a looming big project deadline and boss with NO idea how long these things take to build, (esp given i'm a rookie) so i'm hoping you can help me!!

(It's my fault, I suggested we could do something on one slide, which she loved, but now I can't work out how to actually DO it!!)

Ok - so I have a slide which needs to show 3 short video clips. I want it to be that each clip plays when the user drags a picture of a dvd onto a dvd player.

I've made the DVD player a hotspot and asked it to play media (clip1) when object (dvd1) is dropped onto dvd player....

BUT - the media is playing as soon as the timeline starts and isnt waiting till the dvd is dragged and dropped.

Should i just put the clips on separate layers or am i doing something wrong?

Also - is there a way to return the dvd back to it's original spot once the clip has finished? At the moment i've got the dvd disappearing once its dropped onto the player (so it doesnt just sit onto of the machine..obviously), but dont know what to do after that. Was hoping i could change its state back to normal after clip ends (or when time line ends of a layer), but that doesnt appear to be possible.

Am i making ANY sense???

I fear I'm making this much more complicated than i need to - but i'm determined ot make it work!


Thank  you in advance - :)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lucy

I don't think there is a way to return the DVD to starting place via D&D options but maybe you could have a duplicate image in the startinh spot that is in initial state hidden, then trigger that to be normal when the clip finishes playing  or maybe you could add a motion path to the dvd from the player back to its starting spot...

Mike Enders

Hi Lucy,

One way to accomplish what you're after is to co-opt the freeform drag and drop question type. Basically, you take your design and convert it to freeform drag and drop, but then remove most of the functionality such as feedback, scoring, etc. 

Basic process:

1. Design your slide with the 3 DVDs and the player.  (I'd put each video on it's own layer).

2. Convert to freeform drag and drop.

3. Set up your D&D options as you see in the above image.

4. Add a new set of triggers on your base layer to show when the appropriate DVD is dropped onto the DVD player. (see image below).

So what we're doing is using the drag and drop freeform question to enable the only one DVD at a time and jump back to where you came behavior.   Then we use the triggers on the base layer to show the appropriate layers.

I've attached a sample file for your perusal.

This was a cool problem to play with!  Thanks for sharing it and Good Luck!


Lucy Hood

Thank you so much Mike and Wendy!

It had crossed my mind that using the free form might be an option but didnt quite know how implement it!

I'll have a play with these options and see how i go!

Wendy - the return to normal state and motion path back to starting spot for returning the dvds at the end of the media clip works brilliantly!

Can't thank you all enough....

I'll probably see you on here again tomorrow for more help!!!


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