Play 'new' Audio when on a page when user returns to page

Hello, and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

I have a 'Main Page' in a scene (a bit like a menu page) when the user listens to some audio (voice recording) the they must click on the four buttons.  Each button takes them to a different within the scene; when the click the next button they are taken back to the main page each time until all buttons have been click.  I then want another audio (voice recording) to play before they move onto the next scene.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Debbie,

You can use a numeric variable to control which audio you like to play when timeline starts the main page. For example, use triggers like:

Add value 1 to the variable when clicking one of the buttons on the main page.

Play audio 1 when timeline starts on condition of variable=1; Play audio 2 when timeline starts on condition of variable=2; and so on...