Play Pause in the Player


I may have missed the post or perhaps I'm not searching correctly, but I need my viewer to be able to pause the audio/storyline 360 and start again, at will. While the seek bar does allow this, it also allows the viewer to slide the bar forward and skip the content. The assessment calculates each slide whether viewed or skipped so it's important to prohibit this option. 

Aside from adding a button on EVERY slide, is there another way to allow the viewer to stop and start but not skip ahead?

Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniela,

If you've added media to the layer, you could look at adding in a custom button to play, pause or stop the media: 

There are also triggers to pause/resume the timeline that you may want to look at using.

That would be separate from the slide or layer seekbar with the play/pause button.