Play Pause Markers with Media on base slide

Hello Fellow Heroes!

I have six markers set up on my base layer.  The learner will click, view the content while audio plays.  In the event the learner decides to jump around to view the various markers before the audio completes, I want the audio to stop. so they only hear one audio file at a time.

How do I set up my triggers to do this?    

I hope you don't suggest to put each one on a new layer --- :)  That does not seem the most efficient way. 

Thank you for your help!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Terra,

I assume the markers have the audio files associated with them vs. being somewhere else on the slide? When I add audio to a marker, once I am no longer clicking or hovering over that marker the audio stops playing - and than I can play the other audio. Or have you set up separate audio files to play when the marker is clicked using a trigger? You may want to look at the way described here to add the audio. 

Char Larkin

Ashley, Thank you!    What I had done was insert the audio file into the marker, but I was clicking "insert tab" and then audio file --- so the audio file was placed on my timeline.  I then set up triggers to play each audio file for each marker --- yet, I could not turn them off. 

I had not noticed that there was a separate Audio File feature for just the Markers by clicking Format first.  I am wondering if this is a common oversight by learners - 

So thank you!