Play PowerPoint Show (ppsx) in Storyline 2 using javascript trigger

Apr 22, 2016


I am currently busy with a course which needs to play the PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) file using the Javascript trigger. The issue that I am having is my skills as a js developer is not so great and I need someone to help me execute this if possible, my knowledge surrounding this would be to create an index.html that contains the javascript needed to execute the .ppsx file and then later add code to the Javascript trigger in order to run the index.html by clicking on the button. At the end, it would only be necessary add the index.html and the .ppsx file to the published file in order for this to work. I have executed something similar to this before that worked perfectly.

I have tried using the simple method of just adding an "Execute URL trigger" to display the .ppsx file, this is where the problem came in because it displayed the .ppsx file as a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) file which is not what I want to achieve.

Help would be much appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Heinz!

I'm not sure I've seen this discussed before and I'm no JavaScript wiz either.

Hopefully someone in the community will be able to pop in and assist you.

Here's how to import content from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into Articulate Storyline. Not sure if that would be helpful. Even if it were in another published file that you could then point to the web object perhaps?

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