Play video and text-to-speech when user clicks on video to start it

Feb 15, 2021

I have some slides where I have a text on the left-hand side that the users must read. Then they are prompted to click on a video on the right-hand side to start the video. This is a video without any sound. I have added the sound through the text-to-speech option. I want both the video and the text-to-speech to start simultaneously when the user clicks on the video. I have set both of them up with the "When User clicks" option. But when I try to review the slide then only the video starts in 90% of the cases. Then I only get the text-to-speech to start at a second click on the video. 

Does anyone have any experience with this or a workaround?

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Inge Ørnhøj

I have solved the issue myself. I just put the video and the sound on a layer. Then I do not have the issue anymore. I then put the starter picture of the video on the base layer for the user to click on.

You can see the result in the attachment.