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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ali!

In Articulate Storyline, the term "player" refers to the interface around the perimeter of your slides. It can include several optional features, such as navigation buttons, a seekbar, a clickable menu, slide notes, a glossary, a list of supplemental resources, and more. You can even customize the player with specific colors and fonts. See the tutorials listed here for details.

You may also find some that you can download, such as Nicole's player skins here.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ali -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! In addition to the great info. Leslie has provided, since you mentioned you are new to Storyline 2, I thought I might also pass along a few general resources that you may find helpful, as well:

Ali h

Thank you so much for your time and the quick response. I actually knew all that about the player and I already set the features and everything. The thing is I want to know if I can change it for example to be shown I'm an iPhone screen, or just leave it without any buttons. Thank you again for the effort :)