Player AND Design Template

Nov 21, 2012

Hi all,

I want to create a consistent look and feel for our eLearning content that will be created by multiple developers.

I can get the player template working ok, but I am having trouble setting the defaul font in the actual content.

To date I have:

  1. Modified the slide master to change header and body font
  2. Selected and created a new font style within the slide

Despite this, the new font style still doesn't make an impact on the font shown - it still defaults back to Arial.

Where is the best place to set fonts so that different develpers don't have to reset it every time? How do you handle conistency like this between developers - is it just a matter of creating a "blank" storyline project with the appropriate player selected and the correct slide master applied - then for each new project, just re-copy the blank project?

I'd be interested in other people's approached to getting design conistency in this way.

Many thanks,


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