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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Christine,  thanks for getting back to me. I am still encountering the problem. I can workaround it by changing the border colours in the player and then publishing without saving my Storlyine file. I just have to remember to do this before I publish each time.

It would be good if you could take a look at the issue to see if you can recreate the problem on your end.

Christine Hendrickson

Hey Nancy,

Sorry about the delay! This is strange, though I'm not seeing exactly the same thing. If I use the same color code for the dark gray and then white for the bottom, along with the 15% transparency, the bottom actually reverts to black for me. Can you confirm if this is what's happening? Or is the bottom actually using the exact same gray?

Just want to make sure I have all of the information before I move forward with investigating this.

Thanks very much, Nancy!