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John Hinchliffe

Hi Emilie,

Its been a while since I used Storyline 1 but I think the same applies from Storyline 2.

If you go to your Home Tab and then Select the Player button on the right hand side, this will open up the player properties box.

Then next to the drop down select the sheet of paper icon to create a new theme. Call this what you like.

Next click the text 'Show advanced color editing' underneath the drop down. This allows you to customise the colour of everything to do with your player. For your requirement select the 'Base>>Main Background' from the Edit item drop down. Then select your shade of green from the top color drop down and your white from the bottom color drop down.

Hope that helps.


Helen Tyson

Hi Emilie

The effect you're looking for isn't possible by colouring the player but you can achieve it by making the player background colours transparent.

Following the instructions John provided above but changing the Transparency level to 100%. You'll need to do this for the Main Background and Border colours but it will leave you with just the slide design and seekbar controls showing