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Andrew Dunn

Hi Ashley

I'm disappointed to hear that. I suppose the next best thing is to put in a feature request...

On another issue - the page you linked me to indicates that the Mobile Player supports LMS tracking and reporting. Is that true? When I've asked before, I was told that mobile player only supports the Tin Can API submitting results to a Learning Record Store. That's not quite the same thing as LMS support, and I've yet to meet anyone in a large-sized organization who has made the switch from SCORM to Tin Can.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

I checked in with some of my colleagues who helped develop the mobile player and what they shared was:

If you take a screenshot of an AMP course and then attempt to use the PowerPoint Eyedropper to identify colors, you'll see that our player background is made up of patterns and gradients rather than solid colors. Here's a sampling of what I found. 

In regards to the LMS tracking, you'll see when you hover over the yellow bow it indicates you'll need to use an LMS that supports Tin can API. There is additional information included in this article on using the iPad, Tin Can and your LMS.