Player controls not displaying in Storyline mobile app

I have been testing a particular project for days now, on Safari, Safari mobile, and through a third-party custom app.  There are a few issues we couldn't resolve - namely the insanely long load times between pages.

So we decided to try the Storyline app for ipad.

The only problem is that now the project appears in the app with no player controls. There seems to be a forward arrow in the bottom that isn't functioning. So you can't even get off page 1. Is this normal? Does the mobile app player replace your custom player?  And if so, why is that arrow not working for me?

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Leslie Shapiro

Thanks, Leslie!  I think I may have found another solution, but I appreciate your offer to take a look. (Basically, by removing the gradient background from my slide master, we avoided the lag times between slides on iPad. Weird but true. So for the moment it looks like we can proceed without the app as we originally intended.)