Player crashing and logo problems

Here's my situation:

  • I've customised a Player.
  • When published the logo is offset (half in the menu column (and have of that covered by the menu) and half over the course content.
  • I delete the logo from the Player and add it again (I have a jpeg, the first time I used a png), but regardless of whether I save / save as / export Storyline crashes.
  • The window pops up so I can report the problem but that's crashed too so I can't type in the window or select 'No thanks'.
  • I'm using Windows 7 and have to use the Task Manager to end Storyline.

I've tried, maybe 20 times. Please help...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Batten,

Without knowing the exact error that occurs, this is difficult to troubleshoot. First, you might want to make sure that you've installed this update for Storyline

If you still encounter crashing after installing the update, please follow the steps outlined in this knowledge base article.

Let us know how it turns out.



Batten Berg

Thanks Christine.

I've downloaded the update but it still crashes. Unfortunately, I'm not able to send the error report because that screen freezes. I'm using the Storyline trial as I wait for my IT department to purchase the full version for me - perhaps the problem could lie there? Knowing this is it worth doing the reinstall detailed in the article link you provided? (I'm on a tight deadline so can't wait for the licence number to come through - may send out to freelance...)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Batten,

Thanks for getting back to me. You wouldn't need to send the error report, I just needed to know what the error said, so I could assist in finding the best solution for the error  

I would suggest taking the steps in the article mentioned earlier, as it may save you time in the long run. If you're constantly seeing this happen, it might be best to fix it now, rather than risk losing data or having to continually restart the software. This is up to you, though, as I understand that your deadline is important. 

Let me know how it turns out. 

I hope you had a great weekend!