Player display 1/4 of the Browser Window

Good Day,

Hope someone can help me with the player display problems I am experiencing. I created a course with a custom slide layout of 1200x600. When I publishing the LMS course and preview the project, all looks fine. When I try to open the course in moodle only a 1/4 of the actual size of the browser is displayed (see attached screenshot).

I searched the forums to see if there is any help and followed all the suggested proposals yet it still display the same. I change the slide layout to the default size and still it displays the same. I changed the player settings and still is displays the same, whether it is google chrome or firefox.

Your assistance is highly appriated.

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Kyle,

Thank you for sharing that screenshot! 

When viewing in those web browsers, are you not able to expand or scale the browser? A couple of things that might help here is to look into your player settings as detailed here for player/browser scaling.

To help narrow down if the issue is with the LMS, web browser, or the course itself, it's also worth looking into how this would behave outside of Moodle in another site such as SCORM Cloud

Earl Thomas

Good Day Vincent,

Thank you for your response,

I have tried opening this in all the major browsers, i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari and it displays the same. I have already played around with the Player/browser scales and it does the same. I have subsequently, open the course in the current window and it displays fine.

Unfortunately, when I try to download the free SCORM Cloud, it requires somesort of payment, which I currently do not have... embarrassing LOL.

It could be the moodle site that could be the problem, and I have raise this with them, but they have still not responded to my issue raised. I will continue to try different things, as I need to complete this course by Monday (16/9/2019).

I would appreciate it if anyone could share some light on similar issues and how they rectified the problem.


Vincent Scoma

Hey Kyle,

Thank you for letting me know and that is not embarrassing at all! That is odd that it was asking for some form of payment. 

I am more than happy to help test out your course! With your permission, could I have you share your .story files in this thread here; or you’re always welcome to share them privately with our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.