Player Font & Size difference between Preview and Published

Sep 12, 2017

Hi there,

We made some changes to the Font size of the player menu options (Menu, Resources, Prev/Next/Submit buttons) so that it would display bigger on the screen.

What we have noticed is that when we are in preview mode - the font size displays as we would like.

However, when we publish to LMS SCORM 2004 - the font is tiny - to the point that it can't be read. 

See screenshots and course attached.

Anyone know how to fix this? 



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Gemma Greenwood

Hi there, for some reason it won't let me add the storyline file. I have tried in multiple ways but still not able to. I tried the full file, (it's quite big) - the smaller version (with just 1 slide) and nothing. 

However, it seems like it must have been a fix within our LMS as today it looks exactly how it should do. Which is really odd! Unless there was an update pushed by Storyline (SL2)? Either way - I'll let you know if the problem returns and will try and figure out a way that I can upload the file. 

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