Player frame around Engage Interactions in Storyline 2

I have imported several interactions into my Storyline 2 elearning. When I publish, the player frame shows up awkwardly around the interactions. How can I remove the frame all together so that the interaction stands alone (without opening in a new browser window)? I have attached a screenshot.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna!

Glad that you were able to get this working and thanks for sharing your solution. For anyone else following along:

Articulate Storyline requires Microsoft Windows to be configured with 96 DPI (dots per inch). If Windows is using a different DPI setting, you may experience erratic behavior, such as:
*  Elements of the application are misplaced or distorted.
*  Objects are misplaced or distorted when previewed or published.
*  Zoomed images don't work as expected.
*  Font sizes are incorrect after using the translation features.